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Established in 2000, Dynamic Medical Equipment Group has centres in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals providing cutting edge technology in the field of orthotics, prosthetics and associated products. We pride ourselves on our patient care, the quality of rehabilitation and follow the up services we provide. Over the last eleven years, we have built up an excellent reputation and with the help of our international partners we provide state of the art solutions to our patients. The professional service we provide to our clients is founded on the following principles.

  • Considerate and correct assessment of patients of all ages and disabilities
  • Providing custom made prosthetic orthotic and rehabilitation devices using the latest techniques and readymade products from established and trusted producers from Europe and USA
  • Shortest possible time of fabrication of devices
  • Appropriate follow up plan
  • Close co-ordination with doctors, therapists and patients for long term patient satisfaction
  • Reasonable prices


We are committed to sourcing only the best products and techniques for our patients. To ensure that we are fully up to date with any new developments in the field, our staff regularly attend training within the UAE and internationally. In addition, we often invite experts from all over the world to conduct seminars and workshops on our premises to educate therapists in the UAE on any new products or methods in the market. One goal of the Dynamic Medical team is to raise awareness of potential problems and solutions to aid the disabled community and enhance their standard of living. Our technicians work with schools and deliver complimentary assessments to diagnose disorders that would otherwise go unrecognized and provide advice. We are also exceptionally proud of our work with the Palestinian children’s relief fund, which has given us the opportunity to help many unfortunate children. Having been able to create strong ties with such organizations through our experience and trusted reputation, we hope to go on helping patients from all over the Middle East.

When I set up Dynamic Medical in 2000, my vision was to provide a high quality service to patients requiring assistance in the area of orthotics and prosthetics. Previously, patients received a basic service that was not available to all; I believed that they deserved much better.

Today, I am confident that we have achieved my goal and I am immensely proud of the work we do. I have reached this level with thanks to our fantastic team who work tirelessly to provide each patient with the most personal and high quality service possible.

The work we do has such an impact on people’s lives and the greatest measure of our success is the smile on patient’s faces after treatment. Many have suffered trauma and perhaps even received poor medical treatment in the past. With our individualised treatment and carefully sourced products, our highly skilled team can rectify this. Each case is unique and I believe by treating it as such we get great results.

Our patient’s gratitude and improved quality of life is the best reward. Patients often travel from overseas to be treated at Dynamic Medical and this is testament to the excellent work we do. I am very proud of the success our team has accomplished so far and look forward to the future.

Nashat Nizar Shanti, MBA
Managing Director
Dynamic Medical Equipment Centre L.L.C

Managing Director

Nashat Nizar Shanti
Owner and Managing Director of Dynamic Medical LLC Group
Master in Business Administration (MBA), UK

Based in the UAE for since 1998, he established Dynamic Medical Equipment Centre in 2000 to meet the demand for high quality, reasonably priced medical care, in the field of prosthetics and orthotics. As managing director he oversees all operations and is actively involved in the day to day running of the centers. A main objective for him is centered around finding the best products and suppliers, by travelling internationally to assure the quality and expertise selected manufacturers remains consistent. A core value of the business is based on our trust in the employees, who are essential in providing the highest level of service and patient care. Each member of the team is carefully selected based on their expertise, experience and customer care skills.

He has now expanded the group to three successful branches of Dynamic Medical in the UAE, offering long term customer satisfaction to the private and public sector. A major sense of achievement is gained from working with charitable organizations or individual children and adults who have lost limbs due to accidents or congenital deformities. He has been able to form good relationships with the Palestinian Children Relief fund through numerous cases and hopes that Dynamic can continue to help improve the quality of life for those who struggle with mobility issues of all kinds.

Our Senior Staff

Dr.Waiel Adib Al AniAIEL ADIB AL-ANI
Group manager, Sharjah
Orthopedic practitioner with a focus on rehabilitation of the disabled, graduated from Baghdad University, college of medicine. He has been a member of Dynamic medical since its establishment and is a key member of the group, who believes strongly in team work to ensure the best result for every patient. His role involves overseeing all group activities and cases to guarantee the best possible methods, products and service is being provided for the patients and disabled community in the UAE.

Khaliqdad Wazir
Certified Prosthetist & Orthotist, Abu Dhabi
A qualified prosthetist and orthotist. He has been professionally affiliated with the internationally recognized Red Cross team, working with them specifically in prosthetics and orthotics. His experience and knowledge make him a valuable member of the team and areas of expertise include coordination with doctors, physiotherapist, and patients to design, fabricate and fit of artificial limbs.

Our Techinicians

Our Support Staff

  • Maria Bello
    Secretary, Dubai
  • Ryan Pahayahay
    Helper, Dubai
  • Maribel Polagis
    Admin/Accounts, Head Office
  • Ronalyn Azarcon
    Secretary, Sharjah
  • Lorraine Jalapon
    Secretary, Abu Dhabi
  • Sonny Roquita
    Helper, Abu Dhabi
  • Ross Jude
    Helper, Sharjah

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